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Slippers Animals

Slippers Animals

My Baby Shoes are hand made with original prints. There’s a gentle elastic band that helps to keep them on a child’s foot.

Furthermore please note that:

- from 0 to 6 months old all shoes are reversible with different prints on each side &

- from 6 to 24 months old shoes are not reversible, but have an anti-slip sole, which gives stability for the baby during walking

Available sizes:

0-3 months (9,5 cm)

3-6 months (10,5 cm)

6-9 months (11,5 cm)

9-12 months (12,5 cm)

12-18 months (13,5 cm)

18-24 months (14,5 cm)

2-3 years (15,5 cm)

3-4 years (16,5 cm)

Finally I would like to mention that there might be very small variations between each product as they are handmade.


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